DIY Tassel Pillow Case – Inspired by the famous Anthropologie Cushion

Today I am showing you a pillow case I have made recently. When I was looking for instructions for DIY pillow cases on Pinterest, I noticed a bunch of tutorials referring to the Anthropologie Tassel Pillow Case. It’s such a sweet design that I thought I’d make my own. Hence, at the bottom of this page I am linking this post to several DIY tutorials which I followed.

First, after buying all items needed, I thought this piece would take quite some time. But in fact it did not. Once I got the clue after doing two or three tassels, they were done within one evening and then sewing the case itself was another two evenings. The result speaks for itself.

It’s such an eye-catcher. Totally worth spending the time and money (you need a lot of material for the tassels, each one costs around 1.50 EUR).

How to make a tassel step by step

How to make a tassel step by step





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